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There's something about every Chess gameplay; you'll always learn from every defeat and you'll also learn from every victory. Relatively, ups and downs are quite inevitable in every facet of life, sequel to this notion, amidst the numerous defeats, here are some of my victorious checkmates on Lichess Lobby - just within three weeks.

However, first and foremost, I find it quite pivotal to take few seconds to commend the brains behind the Lichess concepts - reason being that, amidst the "wins and fails" - the platform has been quite educative within the said meantime.

Lest I forget, the most fascinating gameplay I've ever seen on Lichess was Magnus' checkmate on another GM @ 0.03 seconds to timeout; massive respect for that! The experience still lingers, and the moral lessons therein is for humans to appreciate the value of every given second - not to talk of the endless time.

In summary, some of my listed 50+ checkmate moves would undoubtedly serve as a guide to Chess Learners/Players out there; most especially my Queen-Knight Line of Approach (#QKLOA) - which I've actually deployed to edge some fast checkmates countless times during previous online/offline games.

Hey! Here's a documentary of 50+ Checkmate details from the NETISM Author, perhaps, his gift to Chess players out there.

Here's one of my tactical games on lichess lobby

Another good game of mine on lichess

Another one... In the voice of Kalid

Epic! I won this game with 4 pieces

Checkmate by me in 4 moves and 50 seconds

It was such a long game: I later won

Another long game... king and rook worked the checkmate for me

My best tactical game on lichess lobby... It was a last second win

A strategic game by me

I won this strategic game again

A tactical game won by me

My most tactical game on lichess

A nice checkmate by me

My fastest Checkmate in 45 seconds and 3 MOVES

A cool game by me

A calculative game by me: White resigned after I moved my black king from c3 to b3

My best rooky checkmate

A cool game by me; Decisive moves; H8 - G8, H3 - H6, G4 - F6, G7 - F6 (X), D7 - F6 (X), then white time out...

A technical game by me, I won via time

I won this technical game as black

My king turned the fighter at opening game :)

I won this technical game with time

Despite down with materials, I still won via timing

My opponent made the wrong opening move, and I cleared all his pieces aboard

***A good game by me tho I lost the play

I won this game via timeout

A long walk to victory On Lichess Lobby

I won this game again

55 moves... A tactical checkmate by me

Another tactical game play by me

I almost won, and my opponent resigned

A tactical opening gambit by me; my opponent resigned so fast

I think this should be my most-calculative checkmate on lichess

Against all odds, I won this 2-minute game-play

Queen capture trick! trick!! trick!!!

I won this 1 minute Chess via time

Best Game: I won this one-minute Chess after 47th move, it was a great fight

I won this one minute game as black

I won this tactical game as black

A classic checkmate by me, I played as black

My FAST checkmate trick as white worked again -
Note; If C4 attack on F7 fails, place white Queen on F3, that's checkmate

Another fast checkmate as white; 8 moves in total

I won this 1-minute Chess; t'was a tricky checkmate

I won this 1-minute Chess again; my tricky checkmate

Perhaps my best checkmate on lichess... Damn!

A strategic checkmate by me; nice game-plan

A tactical checkmate by me

Another fast checkmate as black

A tricky checkmate by me

I won this game via timeout; quite strategic

Checkmate by me in 3 MOVES

Another fast checkmate in 3 MOVES

It was a long walk to victory, nice checkmate by me

Another tricky checkmate by me as white

I won a Lichess-B-Game with 6 moves as black7

Another tricky checkmate of mine

Hey! my opponent didn't open up after castling, so I pulled a Checkmate on him

***A nice draw game... My opponent fell for the queen trap so early

My black checkmate trick worked again... Cheers

Another fast checkmate as black

A tricky breakthrough just to get a 4q (moving pawn g3 to g5 was the main intelligence)

A funny checkmate

And many more...

These Chess games were played and compiled by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon - @jawolusy
The TrailBlazer of;

Fostering knowledge-substitute for kids via a localized chess education. "Saukake madadin ilimi na yara ta hanyar Cess da yaren Hausa." Jawolusy once said - A child who understands the concept of Chess would surely excel in any field of study. "Jawolusy ya tapa fadin sau daya cewa yaron da ya gane ra-ayin Cess to tabbas zai samu nasara a kowani filin karatu."
In an attempt to foster a chess-based edu-social inclusion in Africa;
here's a Flexible Language-Learning Technology and a Modern Model of Education - Developed by Jawolusy